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Amber Jewelry

For the love of Amber gems, we bring you genuine Baltic Amber from the deep seas. Featuring Amber in attractive colours and glamorous designs, our beautiful collection of Amber necklaces locks the healing powers of the gem and offers a gorgeous look.

Sterling Silver

Stack the minimalist Amberico sterling silver necklaces to complete your fashion statement. Each necklace comes with a seamless tiny pendant, allowing you to shine bright all day long. Choose any pendant that goes well with your glamorous personality while pairing the necklace with a bold dress, your favourite t-shirt, or something formal.

Gold plated Sterling

Have an everlasting love for gold necklaces but can’t afford real ones? Be ready to fall in love with the bespoke collection of Amberico’s gold plated silver necklaces. The dazzling necklaces with minimalist pendant designs will snuggle your neck with love.